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About Digital Technology Center in Prague and Brno

Digital Technology Center (DTC) in Prague and Brno provides Commerzbank and its end customers with a wide range of various IT solutions from creative .Net, and Java development to agile production projects in application operations and infrastructure teams.
Commerzbank AG is a leading international commercial bank, the second largest German bank. Commerzbank has a presence in almost 60 countries with almost 48 thousand employees globally. Commerzbank is the majority shareholder of mBank.

Technology center serving Commerzbank since 2005

600 IT professionals and enthusiasts

Based in the city centers
Prague, Karlovo náměstí, and Brno, Veveří

Building new banking applications from scratch

Mobile Banking apps ranked among the best (4.7 in App Store, 4.6 in Google Play)

19 million end users all over the world

Diverse teams come from 60 different countries

It’s time to go bigger. We have the ground. You have the skills?

Join us

We are transforming a traditional bank into a digital agile enterprise.

IT is part of us

Why join us

Benefit from an international environment

Technology, solutions and dev stack

Every project requires a dedicated approach and an appropriate tech stack to ensure that its scope will be delivered on time.

Career opportunities

Get to know us

Roman Krichebauer
Chapter Lead - CI/CD CHAMP
Be more who you really are.
Ivan Provazník
Chapter Lead - Data Center & Base Infrastructure
As a technical geek and an avid aviator, I'm all about personal responsibility as well as personal freedom. Getting the job done, enabling each other`s success is the name of the game, but then we have to play as hard as we work, if not harder.
Igor Savič
Head of DTC
I am searching for clever, educated people with whom we will strengthen our Digital Technology Center.
Peter Chobot
Chapter Lead - Post Trading
I am a technology and innovation enthusiast, developer by heart as well as an agile transformation evangelist. I like how we are transforming a traditional bank into a digital agile enterprise.
Tomáš Bajar
Chapter Lead - Customer Relationship Management
Where there is a will, there is a way.
Martina Lysová
Chapter Lead - Finance - Cost Proc. & Transactions
Sense of responsibility and potential are the key factors I am looking for. Talents should get the opportunity to grow and shine.
Christoph Bäsler
Chapter Lead - Valuations/ Market & Liqu. R.
Enjoy great team work having an interesting job in an international environment - this is IT for Risk Management.
Gustavo Schlaien
Chapter Lead - BDAA Sales Analytics
As technological alchemists, we nurture the highways where upcoming generations will keep building our future.
Tomáš Prokop
Chapter Lead - Treasury Platforms
In case of bug fixing we are in a multiple role of support, analyst, developer and testing.
Pavel Tomášek
Chapter Lead - Data Center & Base Infrastructure
Always looking ahead as every step is a step forward.
Ewa Rozuk
Chapter Lead - Know (Y)our Customer
“Leadership is a matter of intelligence, trustworthiness, humaneness, courage, and sternness.”―Sun Tzu
Vojtěch Haur
Chapter Lead - Treasury Platforms
Work-life balance is most important, second only to production stability.
Fabrice Huss
Chapter Lead - Corporate Platforms
Perfection is unreachable… but the smallest consistent daily improvements will bring you much closer to perfection than you ever thought possible.
Aleš Konečný
Chapter Lead - Counterparty Risk
The harder you work the better you get, but with us it is also enormous Fun.
Pavel Janoušek
Chapter Lead - Data Center & Base Infrastructure
Adopting latest database technology trends whilst supporting ancient critical systems. Keep the balance between personal and professional life.
Karel Tomášek
Chapter Lead - Know (Y)our Customer
Don't be afraid to start over. It's a brand new opportunity to rebuild what you truly want.
Michal Okrouhlík
Chapter Lead - Corporate Platforms
I never try to fill the position, I'm looking for somebody for the bank. So let's be less formal and more open. Based on your strengths we can always find something right for you and tailor your further growth.
Petr Halamíček
Chapter Lead - Finance - Cost Proc. & Transactions
As soon as something stops being fun, it's time to move on. Maybe it's time for you to join our team because we have the fun.
Benedikt Eckert
Chapter Lead - Data Center & Base Infrastructure
Doing seriously serious things with a little fun makes the world a better place. Laugh heals.
Angel Vargas
Chapter Lead - International Business Solutions
Let's move forward, all the team together.
Miroslav Škoula
Chapter Lead - Securities & Derivatives Trading Platforms
Software enthusiast curious about new technologies. Always up for a coffee and talk.
Konstantinos Bikakis
Chapter Lead - Securities & Derivatives Trading Platforms
Let´s make useful and diverse values.
Vratislav Horký
Chapter Lead - Cloud Foundation & DLT Services
Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them. The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.
Michal Mesároš
Chapter Lead - Digital Banking Solutions
Be hungry to make things better and have fun in the meantime.
Josef Troch
Chapter Lead - Valuations/ Market & Liquidity Risk
Can you program in OSTRAJava? Come and join us!
Tomáš Buriánek
Chapter Lead - Counterparty Risk
The grass is greener where you water it.
Thomas Rau
Chapter Lead - Securities & Derivatives Trading Platforms
Come as you are… :D
Miroslav Šlégr
Chapter Lead - Post Trading
Be hungry to make things better and have fun in the meantime.
Roman Dudek
Chapter Lead Operations & Monitoring
Join us and empower your potential.
Nich Giles
Chapter Lead Daily Banking
Nadezhda Leonova
Chapter Lead - Business Connectivity
Surround yourself with those who not only support your dreams, but also inspire you to push your limits. I'll be there for you.


We have compiled a list of most frequently asked questions at the interviews for your convenience.

What is the process after I apply?
You will be directed right away to one of our IT tech guys and the manager. We keep the process as quick and relevant as possible, to ensure that we are on the same page.
Can I meet the team and get to know the atmosphere?
Definitely! We are happy to introduce you to the team, the way we work, and show you everything aroundconnected with it. It is important to see if we click before you make your decision to join us.
What type of co-operation do you offer?
We prefer a full-time employment contract, to ensure security and compliance are met on the highest possible levels. But if you have different needs regarding the type of co-operation, we still want to hear from you. Just hit the reply button in for the respective position of that you are interested in, and type in your requirements into the comments box.
Do I need to have experience from the finance/banking industry?
Absolutely not. You can get easily by without any previous experience from the finance industry (apart from a few specific cases, such as business expert positions).
What time flexibility do you offer?
Our aim is to ensure everyone has the freedom and the time to do the job right. You can discuss your flexibility needs with your manager.
Is there a potential for growth?
We offer both technical and managerial growth. DTC is a diverse environment, with dozens of teams/projects, and if you feel you need to change you project/team, you will get all the support you need. We also engage our people in internal promotions - the majority of our leads worked their way up from specialists roles.
What management style do you pursue?
We strive to create an enjoyable work environment, where teams have a space for open discussions and are self-managed. It is them who make it happen every day, rather than managers telling their teams what to do. The organizational structure is rather flat, and you would know your manager’s manager by name.
What is your dress code?
Although we are part of the bank, you can dress comfortably and the way you like.
What kind of trainings do you offer?
You can get professional IT trainings in various fields up to certification level and language courses as well.
Can you help with my relocation?
We will support your relocation to Prague with 50% gross monthly salary within Czech Republic. If coming from abroad, we support your relocation to Prague with 100% gross monthly salary. If needs be, we can help to get your visa.

Life at DTC

Enjoy modern offices in Prague at Karlovo náměstí with a relax corner where you can recharge your batteries, meet amazing multicultural colleagues and so much more!

Office in Prague at Karlovo náměstí

Office in Brno at Veveří

Smart office in Brno, near the city center, Veveří

Our events

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